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Autism Therapy

Neurofeedback Training for NDIS recipients

Neurofeedack training for  NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants

Neurofeedback For Kids provide neurofeedback training for NDIS participants with permanent neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our mission is to empower children facing neurological challenges by helping them improve and build functional capacity in critical areas such as socializing, learning, and communication through our advanced neurofeedback training.

Customized Support for NDIS Participants

Neurofeedback For Kids is dedicated to offering tailored neurofeedback training programs specifically designed to address the needs of NDIS participants. Our non-invasive and effective neurofeedback training is aimed at supporting children with permanent neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning difficulties, emotional challenges, anxiety, and behavioural issues. By focusing on empowering NDIS participants, we strive to enhance their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning, enabling them to better engage in social and learning environments.

Improving Socializing, Learning, and Communication Capacities

Our neurofeedback training is carefully crafted to help NDIS participants improve their functional capacity for social interaction, learning, and communication. By leveraging advanced neurofeedback technology, we aim to assist children in self-regulating their brain activity, leading to enhancements in attention, mood, stress management, social awareness, and more. Through our comprehensive approach, we seek to provide NDIS participants with the support they need to thrive in social and learning environments and actively participate in various aspects of life such as in social settings and learning environments.

Transforming Lives Through Neurofeedback

At Neurofeedback For Kids, we understand the unique challenges faced by NDIS participants with permanent neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our goal is to make a meaningful impact by empowering these children to unlock their potential and build essential capacities for effective participation in social and learning environments. Our evidence-based neurofeedback training is rooted in EEG biofeedback technology, aimed at fostering positive changes in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Through collaboration with NDIS participants, families, and support teams, we strive to create a supportive and enriching environment that promotes holistic growth and development.

Join Us in Creating Positive Change

Neurofeedback For Kids is committed to providing NDIS participants with the valuable support they need to improve their functional capacity in socializing, learning, and communication. Our goal is to offer a holistic and empowering approach to neurofeedback training, equipping NDIS participants with the skills and resources to thrive in various environments. Join us in our mission to unlock the potential and enhance the lives of NDIS participants through the transformative power of neurofeedback.

Visit Neurofeedback For Kids today and discover how our neurofeedback training can support NDIS participants with permanent neurodevelopmental disabilities in improving and building functional capacity for more effective participation in social and learning environments.

How does Neurofeedback training work?

Neurofeedback is an innovative training approach that helps your brain retrain itself to support healthier brainwave activity.

Sit back and relax

Our neurofeedback practitioners begin by ensuring your comfort and position electrodes on your scalp to capture an instant measurement of your brainwave activity.

Let your brain do the work

The Neurofeedback technology communicates with your brain directly, while you watch a movie, play a game, read a book, or listen to music.

Feel your brain change

As your brainwave activity shifts towards a healthier state, your brain receives positive feedback. Through regular sessions, these improvements become ingrained in your brain, leading to long-lasting changes.

What does Neurofeedback training look like?

1 - 2 sessions per week

45-60 minute sessions

20 - 30 sessions*

* The number of sessions required may differ based on the individual's condition. Individuals with more complex conditions might require additional sessions to achieve the best possible results.

How can Neurofeedback help my child?

With regular training, neurofeedback can help decrease the duration, frequency, and intensity of behavioral challenges. Our focus is on training the brain to be more resilient and flexible. As a result, many of our clients experience a greater sense of calmness, presence, and focus. 

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