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Advantages of Neurofeedback Training

Safe and Effective

Neurofeedback is a completely safe and non-invasive treatment option that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. At Neurofeedback For Kids, we prioritize your safety and well-being, which is why we conduct a thorough assessment before starting any treatment to ensure that it aligns with your specific goals and circumstances.


No Worries about Side Effects

Unlike medications, neurofeedback is a gentle and well-tolerated approach that doesn't come with any unwanted side effects. You can rest easy knowing that your journey towards better brain health will be smooth and worry-free.


Harnessing the Power of Nature

Our treatment approach is rooted in the natural ability of the brain to learn and adapt. Through a gradual learning process, we help your brain develop better self-regulation skills. Once your brain learns these valuable skills, they become ingrained and continue to benefit you throughout your life.


Efficient and Time-Saving

With neurofeedback, you can achieve sustainable outcomes in a relatively short period of time. Our structured training program typically requires two sessions per week, and most individuals complete the full course within just 2-3 months. You'll start noticing positive changes as early as 3-4 weeks into the program, allowing you to enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later.


Lasting Transformation

By using positive reinforcement, neurofeedback helps your brain establish healthier patterns of activity. Through intensive training, these patterns become second nature, leading to long-lasting positive effects. Once your brain embraces these new patterns, the benefits become self-sustaining, ensuring that the changes you experience are here to stay.


Backed by Scientific Research

At Neurofeedback For Kids, we take pride in using training protocols and technologies that have been rigorously tested and researched by expert scientists. You can trust that our methods are not only effective but also supported by scientific evidence. Your brain health is in good hands with us.

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Tell me more...

Studies indicate that consistent brain training leads to significant enhancements in cognitive abilities and logical thinking. Moreover, attention training and memory can also experience notable improvements. As a result, individuals become more adept at managing their daily routines and accomplishing everyday tasks.

Engaging in brain training exercises not only strengthens brain function but also enhances its resilience. It is important to note that this innovative Neurofeedback technology is not a medical treatment; instead, it serves as a painless and effective tool for optimising brain performance. With its highly motivating approach, Neurofeedback brain training has the potential to unlock your untapped abilities and help you reach your utmost potential.

How does Neurofeedback treatment work?

Neurofeedback is an innovative training approach that helps your brain retrain itself to support healthier brainwave activity.

Sit back and relax

Our neurofeedback practitioners begin by ensuring your comfort and position electrodes on your scalp to capture an instant measurement of your brainwave activity.

Let your brain do the work

The Neurofeedback technology communicates with your brain directly, while you watch a movie, play a game, read a book, or listen to music.

Feel your brain change

As your brainwave activity shifts towards a healthier state, your brain receives positive feedback. Through regular sessions, these improvements become ingrained in your brain, leading to long-lasting changes.

What does Neurofeedback training look like?

1 - 2 sessions per week

45-60 minute sessions

20 - 30 sessions*

* The number of sessions required may differ based on the individual's condition. Individuals with more complex conditions might require additional sessions to achieve the best possible results.

How can Neurofeedback help my child?

With regular training, neurofeedback can help decrease the duration, frequency, and intensity of behavioral challenges. Our focus is on training the brain to be more resilient and flexible. As a result, many of our clients experience a greater sense of calmness, presence, and focus. 

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