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Neurofeedback For Kids  Near You – Unlock your child's potential at our neurofeedback locations

Are you searching for neurofeedback therapy in Sydney, Melbourne, or a location near you?

Neurofeedback For Kids is here to help. With our cutting-edge neurofeedback training techniques, we specialize in unlocking the potential of young minds and empowering children to improve their cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning.

Why choose Neurofeedback For Kids?

At Neurofeedback For Kids, we understand the challenges that children may face with various neurological conditions such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, learning disabilities, emotional difficulties and behavioral issues. That's why we offer neurofeedback therapy at our convenient locations.

Neurofeedback therapy locations

Our Neurofeedback locations are a haven for families seeking safe and effective alternatives to help their children thrive. Located in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne, we provide specialized neurofeedback training sessions that can lead to improved attention, better stress management, increased social awareness, and so much more.

Our clinics is located in easily accessible locations for travel by bus, train or car with ample parking available on site.

Neurofeedback Locations Sydney & Melbourne

For families in Sydney and Melbourne, our neurofeedback location is the perfect place to support brain optimization for your child. With our non-invasive neurofeedback training for kids and adolescents, we help children improve their mood, behavior, emotional regulation, and overall well-being. Our goal is to empower children to reach their full potential.

Neurofeedback Near You

If you are looking for neurofeedback near you, we have you covered. We understand that accessibility is essential, and we strive to bring neurofeedback therapy closer to families. With our network of trusted and qualified practitioners, we aim to provide neurofeedback services within reach, whether you are in Sydney or Melbourne. Reach out to us, and we will guide you to the nearest neurofeedback practitioner in your area.

Why Neurofeedback For Kids?

Cutting-edge Therapy: Our neurofeedback training utilizes advanced technology and EEG biofeedback to train and modify brainwaves, helping children improve their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

Safe and Non-Invasive: Neurofeedback is a non-invasive therapy that does not involve medications, making it an appealing alternative or complementary treatment option.

Personalized Approach: Our qualified neurofeedback practitioners specialize in working with children. They conduct initial assessments to determine your child's specific needs and design personalized neurofeedback training programs tailored to their unique brain activity patterns.

Proven Results: Neurofeedback therapy has shown promising results in managing symptoms related to ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, learning difficulties, and behavioral issues. It can enhance concentration, improve impulse control, reduce anxiety, and enhance academic performance, leading to an improved overall quality of life for your child.

Take the first step towards unlocking your child's potential. Contact Neurofeedback For Kids today and discover the transformative power of neurofeedback therapy at our convenient Sydney and Melbourne locations or find a practitioner near you. Help your child thrive with neurofeedback.


Our clinic locations in Sydney and Melbourne offer a safe and nurturing environment for young minds to thrive. In Sydney, you can find Neurofeedback For Kids nestled in the vibrant community of Casula, while our Melbourne clinic is conveniently situated in the heart of Clayton. Reach out to us to book your neurofeedback therapy plan today

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